• Play Cake Love Cake Love
    Cake Love

    Let's decorate this heart-shaped cake, you have to put the cakes, then choose the creams for decorating.

    pastries games, cakes games

  • Play Bakery: Cake decorating Bakery: Cake decorating
    Bakery: Cake decorating

    Jessica loves to prepare cakes, now it is time to decorate cakes, you have to use different creams from many flavors to make a del ...

    decorate cakes

  • Play Franktown Ice Cream Franktown Ice Cream
    Franktown Ice Cream

    Add toppings to ice cream sundaes in a busy ice cream parlor. Be sure to keep up with the orders!

    ice cream of cream

  • Play Cooking the pancakes Cooking the pancakes
    Cooking the pancakes

    Today we will pretend to cook delicious pankekes special attention to your cook too.

    games pastries, cake games, pancakes games

  • Play New Years Cake Decoration New Years Cake Decoration
    New Years Cake Decoration

    Decorate this cake for the new years party. Choose which type of icing and then add a large variety of decorations including candl ...

    cakes games, decorate cakes

  • Play Rich ice cream Rich ice cream
    Rich ice cream

    Nowadays it is very hot, makes us that packed a lot of fruit, ice cream fall! Make your own fruit ice cream. Your rank!

    Cooking games, decorating games

  • Play Italian Pizza Italian Pizza
    Italian Pizza

    This time you get to make a delicious Italian pizza, follow all the steps to cook delicious.

    prepare pizza, Italian food, pizza cook

  • Play ANZAC Biscuit Cooking Game ANZAC Biscuit Cooking Game
    ANZAC Biscuit Cooking Game

    Make a tasty Anzac Biscuit in this fun cooking game. ANZAC Biscuits are a sweet biscuit popular in Australia and New Zealand, made ...

  • Play kitchen fun kitchen fun
    kitchen fun

    Fun game where you have to follow the chef to prepare a delicious dish. Put all your effort and you will be an excellent cook.

    food prep games

  • Play Working at KFC Working at KFC
    Working at KFC

    KFC has hired you to work on his great burger shop, well it's your first day of work, you have to serve customers, serves what th ...

    prepares burgers games, serving food games

  • Play Contest for kitchen: cake of Betty Contest for kitchen: cake of Betty
    Contest for kitchen: cake of Betty

    Today is the day of the cooking contest, we will help prepare a delicious fruit cake to Betty. First place prize is a trip to Pari ...

    Cooking Contest

  • Play Ratatouille and Linguine Ratatouille and Linguine
    Ratatouille and Linguine

    Fun game of the movie Ratatouille. Linguini helps to roll the ingredients to the chef, to move it through the kitchen, and then pr ...

    Linguini games, Ratatouille games

  • Play Princess Irene's cakes Princess Irene's cakes
    Princess Irene's cakes

    Princess Irene is the owner of a pastry shop, she wants to display their cakes, so must be very cute, choose accessories that will ...

    princesses games, cake games

  • Play Maid to order Maid to order
    Maid to order

    The girl in this game has to be well fast because customers do not expect long so your can be the best girl if you're the more qu ...

    Cooking games

  • Play Sell burgers Sell burgers
    Sell burgers

    Today is the first day that you are working in this shop of burgers, you have to be meet all the children who come to buy deliciou ...

    Hamburger games

  • Play Family Restaurant Family Restaurant
    Family Restaurant

    Fun game with instructions in your language, you are a cook who has to save the restaurant which is in bankruptcy, learn to prepar ...

    restaurant games, cooks games

  • Play prepare delicious cakes prepare delicious cakes
    prepare delicious cakes

    prepare delicious cakes to be able to deliver orders, or to eat with your family.

    Games cake, preparing food games, cooking games sweet

  • Play make a donut make a donut
    make a donut

    Today you have to prepare some delicious donuts, to dislike the entire family. Follow the instructions of the preparation.

    donuts, cooking, cakes, desserts

  • Play American hamburger American hamburger
    American hamburger

    Prepare some tasty American burgers, chop the onion, cook burger, chop the lettuce. Prepare this delicious burger.

    burgers games

  • Play serving food MoviePlex serving food MoviePlex
    serving food MoviePlex

    Today you will work in restaurant located in the cinema, you have to watch and prepare orders for you to earn your salary. But the ...

    serving food games

  • Play Jambalaya: Delicious food Jambalaya: Delicious food
    Jambalaya: Delicious food

    Do you like cooking? We will prepare a delicious dish of food, you have to turn on the kitchen, chop the vegetables and cook them.

    cooking games

  • Play decorate delicious waffle decorate delicious waffle
    decorate delicious waffle

    I like to eat the waffle? On this occasion we will make decorating this dish, you have to be creative so your waffle is firmly pre ...

    cooking games, cake games

  • Play Restaurant on the beach Restaurant on the beach
    Restaurant on the beach

    It is a new restaurant the wait Beach people come to eat and is the favorite of all and you are the only one you can help to is to ...

    Kitchen games

  • Play Babies Party Cake Babies Party Cake
    Babies Party Cake

    This week will be a children's party at the home of Paul, are invited all the city kids, decorate the cake for the party.

    baby games, party games

  • Play Pet fast food restaurant Pet fast food restaurant
    Pet fast food restaurant

    You work in a pet-food restaurant, you have to respond quickly to not get upset and fences, and you run out of salary.

    serving food games, restaurant games, pet games

  • Play Working Pastry Shop Working Pastry Shop
    Working Pastry Shop

    You do was hired to work as a waitress in a bakery new, you have to serve the cakes that customers want, you fast for your boss do ...

    cakes games, restaurant games

  • Play Rica sopa de verduras Rica sopa de verduras
    Rica sopa de verduras

    Learn to cook a rich soup of vegetables as you like, the ingredients of the soup will be a low level of the game to be able to fol ...

    Cooking games

  • Play Nancy's pizza restaurant Nancy's pizza restaurant
    Nancy's pizza restaurant

    Nancy will open a pizza restaurant, so it has to first learn to cook pizzas, accompanied Nancy to cook the pizzas in Italy.

    cooking pizzas

  • Play Prepare an Italian Pizza Prepare an Italian Pizza
    Prepare an Italian Pizza

    You are in the kitchen and cooking with this game learn to prepare a delicious pizza, please follow the instructions to get you ou ...

    prepare pizza games, didi games

  • Play Moussaka recipe delicious Moussaka recipe delicious
    Moussaka recipe delicious

    We will prepare a delicious dish called moussaka, first get the ingredients for the kitchen, then prepares the delicious recipe.

    cooking games

  • Play The Perfect Wedding Cake The Perfect Wedding Cake
    The Perfect Wedding Cake

    There is a wedding tomorrow, we will prepare a giant cake, follow all instructions for the cake comes out delicious.

    wedding cakes, preparing pastries

  • Play Today's menu: vegetable Frittata Today's menu: vegetable Frittata
    Today's menu: vegetable Frittata

    Camila is a great Cook she loves cooking with vegetables. But this time he needs your help to prepare a meal.

    Cooking games

  • Play On the beach of Carmen On the beach of Carmen
    On the beach of Carmen

    Carmen she likes the beach play, dance and drink a glass of water but to meet it needs your help. with much effort because she bro ...

    fun games

  • Play Mc Donalds Mc Donalds
    Mc Donalds

    These working as a cook at McDonalds, you have to be quick to give the burgers to the waiters. Work fast to impress your boss.

    Mc Donald's, burger, Burger King

  • Play Bake cakes Bake cakes
    Bake cakes

    You have to bake a cake, so you have to go shopping to prepare the delicious cake, after you have to wash the dishes.

    Bake cakes

  • Play Homemade: double cheeseburger Homemade: double cheeseburger
    Homemade: double cheeseburger

    Do you like cheeseburgers? Sure, and are richer if made at home. So now preparing a double cheeseburger and accompany it with a Co ...

    burger games

  • Play cooking fish cooking fish
    cooking fish

    I like to eat fish? Well let's make a delicious fish dish, place the salad, lettuce, and garnish the dish with shrimp.

    food prep games

  • Play decorate the donut decorate the donut
    decorate the donut

    Today you have to be a cook, you have to decorate a donut with all the candy, decorate the donuts for you to enjoy with your frien ...

    decorate dishes, cooking, candy, cake, cakes

  • Play decorate pizzas decorate pizzas
    decorate pizzas

    We are in an Italian pizza restaurant, you have to decorate this delicious pizza, all ingredients used to make it look delicious.

    decorate dishes, pizzas, food

  • Play Fruit salad with strawberry and orange Fruit salad with strawberry and orange
    Fruit salad with strawberry and orange

    We will prepare a delicious dessert of fruit, you have to cut the orange into chunks, and strawberry is wash and chop.

    food prep games

  • Play A rich dessert A rich dessert
    A rich dessert

    Carmen will teach how to decorate to your taste and delicious dessert it is easy with chocolate, Strawberry like you so want to ju ...

    Cooking games, decoration games

  • Play Recipes: Prawns with garlic Recipes: Prawns with garlic
    Recipes: Prawns with garlic

    We will prepare a delicious dish called prawns with garlic. He chef will teach how to prepare this delicious dish, follow the inst ...

    cooking games

  • Play Fruit salad for Rihana Fruit salad for Rihana
    Fruit salad for Rihana

    We will prepare a delicious fruit salad for the music star Rihanna, you have to peel the bananas, chop the strawberries, do not fo ...

    Fruit games

  • Play Children's restaurant Children's restaurant
    Children's restaurant

    You work at an upscale restaurant for children, you have to take good care of the restaurant, be sure to give good care to childre ...

    restaurant games

  • Play Rich macaroni Rich macaroni
    Rich macaroni

    The macaroons are rich mostly if you prepare them the ingredients so your single you can prepare and have fun learning. We are you ...

    Cooking games

  • Play Italian food: prepare delicious pizza Italian food: prepare delicious pizza
    Italian food: prepare delicious pizza

    Today you have to prepare a delicious pizza that you can share with your family, using all the ingredients to come out delicious p ...

    cooking pizza

  • Play Hamburger on sale Hamburger on sale
    Hamburger on sale

    Carmen has a new business to it I love you prepare hamburgers but to be able to be the best needs your help so you can help you. A ...

    Cooking games

  • Play French recipe: Potatoes Lyonnaise French recipe: Potatoes Lyonnaise
    French recipe: Potatoes Lyonnaise

    We will prepare a delicious French dish, you have to peel the potatoes, then follows the recipe so you get the dish delicious.

    cooking games

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