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New games at Cook, for today Friday October 31, 2014

  • Play Franktown Ice Cream
    Franktown Ice Cream

    Add toppings to ice cream sundaes in a busy ice cream parlor. Be sure to keep up with the orders!

  • Play Cooking the pancakes
    Cooking the pancakes

    Today we will pretend to cook delicious pankekes special attention to your cook too.

    games pastries, cake games, pancakes games
  • Play Barbie Cakes
    Barbie Cakes

    Barbies are beautiful and cakes are delicious.well,you should know what happens when cakes meets barbies and be made into barbie c ...

  • Play ANZAC Biscuit Cooking Game
    ANZAC Biscuit Cooking Game

    Make a tasty Anzac Biscuit in this fun cooking game. ANZAC Biscuits are a sweet biscuit popular in Australia and New Zealand, made ...

  • Play Cake Love
    Cake Love

    Let's decorate this heart-shaped cake, you have to put the cakes, then choose the creams for decorating.

    pastries games, cakes games
  • Play Delicious dessert party
    Delicious dessert party

    Join us to prepare a delicious dessert for a party, you must follow the instructions of Lucy, the professional chef, follow all th ...

    cooking desserts
  • Play Contest for kitchen: cake of Betty
    Contest for kitchen: cake of Betty

    Today is the day of the cooking contest, we will help prepare a delicious fruit cake to Betty. First place prize is a trip to Pari ...

    Cooking Contest
  • Play Bakery: Cake decorating
    Bakery: Cake decorating

    Jessica loves to prepare cakes, now it is time to decorate cakes, you have to use different creams from many flavors to make a del ...

    decorate cakes
  • Play Recipes: Prawns with garlic
    Recipes: Prawns with garlic

    We will prepare a delicious dish called prawns with garlic. He chef will teach how to prepare this delicious dish, follow the inst ...

    cooking games
  • Play Moussaka recipe delicious
    Moussaka recipe delicious

    We will prepare a delicious dish called moussaka, first get the ingredients for the kitchen, then prepares the delicious recipe.

    cooking games
  • Play Italian food: prepare delicious pizza
    Italian food: prepare delicious pizza

    Today you have to prepare a delicious pizza that you can share with your family, using all the ingredients to come out delicious p ...

    cooking pizza
  • Play Bake cakes
    Bake cakes

    You have to bake a cake, so you have to go shopping to prepare the delicious cake, after you have to wash the dishes.

    Bake cakes
  • Play Nancy's pizza restaurant
    Nancy's pizza restaurant

    Nancy will open a pizza restaurant, so it has to first learn to cook pizzas, accompanied Nancy to cook the pizzas in Italy.

    cooking pizzas
  • Play Ice cream homemade
    Ice cream homemade

    Follow these steps to prepare a delicious ice cream. Have fun preparing a homemade ice cream, learn by playing.

    cooking ice cream
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