• Play Today's menu: vegetable Frittata Today's menu: vegetable Frittata
    Today's menu: vegetable Frittata

    Camila is a great Cook she loves cooking with vegetables. But this time he needs your help to prepare a meal.

    Cooking games

  • Play cooking bread cooking bread
    cooking bread

    Cooking some delicious sweet rolls, using all the ingredients to get you out delicious.

  • Play Jambalaya: Delicious food Jambalaya: Delicious food
    Jambalaya: Delicious food

    Do you like cooking? We will prepare a delicious dish of food, you have to turn on the kitchen, chop the vegetables and cook them.

    cooking games

  • Play Contest for kitchen: cake of Betty Contest for kitchen: cake of Betty
    Contest for kitchen: cake of Betty

    Today is the day of the cooking contest, we will help prepare a delicious fruit cake to Betty. First place prize is a trip to Pari ...

    Cooking Contest

  • Play ANZAC Biscuit Cooking Game ANZAC Biscuit Cooking Game
    ANZAC Biscuit Cooking Game

    Make a tasty Anzac Biscuit in this fun cooking game. ANZAC Biscuits are a sweet biscuit popular in Australia and New Zealand, made ...

  • Play Cooking Tasty Cupcakes Cooking Tasty Cupcakes
    Cooking Tasty Cupcakes

    Make some very tasty cupcakes in this fun cooking game for girls. You make three different types of cupcakes including chocolate, ...

  • Play Cooking a turkey Cooking a turkey
    Cooking a turkey

    Let's cook a turkey in the oven, you have to do everything possible so that the turkey comes out rich and juicy.

    turkey games, turkey cooking games

  • Play Hamburger on sale Hamburger on sale
    Hamburger on sale

    Carmen has a new business to it I love you prepare hamburgers but to be able to be the best needs your help so you can help you. A ...

    Cooking games

  • Play Your're the best pastry Your're the best pastry
    Your're the best pastry

    Here you can be the best custard to demonstrate your talent and preparing delicious cakes and decorate with beautiful ornaments.

    Cooking games

  • Play BBQ Barbecue Cooking BBQ Barbecue Cooking
    BBQ Barbecue Cooking

    This is our opportunity to prepare delicious barbecue, for it stings all the vegetables, then top it and put them in the sticks.


  • Play Maid to order Maid to order
    Maid to order

    The girl in this game has to be well fast because customers do not expect long so your can be the best girl if you're the more qu ...

    Cooking games

  • Play make a donut make a donut
    make a donut

    Today you have to prepare some delicious donuts, to dislike the entire family. Follow the instructions of the preparation.

    donuts, cooking, cakes, desserts

  • Play apple recipe apple recipe
    apple recipe

    We will prepare a delicious snack of apples, you have to pay attention to your food will come out delicious.

    apples, recipes, cooking

  • Play Rich macaroni Rich macaroni
    Rich macaroni

    The macaroons are rich mostly if you prepare them the ingredients so your single you can prepare and have fun learning. We are you ...

    Cooking games

  • Play A rich dessert A rich dessert
    A rich dessert

    Carmen will teach how to decorate to your taste and delicious dessert it is easy with chocolate, Strawberry like you so want to ju ...

    Cooking games, decoration games

  • Play Cook for Justin Cook for Justin
    Cook for Justin

    Justin Bieber is back from his concert tour, misses home cooking, so I prepared a rich pasta.

    Justin Bieber games

  • Play cooking fish cooking fish
    cooking fish

    I like to eat fish? Well let's make a delicious fish dish, place the salad, lettuce, and garnish the dish with shrimp.

    food prep games

  • Play decorate delicious waffle decorate delicious waffle
    decorate delicious waffle

    I like to eat the waffle? On this occasion we will make decorating this dish, you have to be creative so your waffle is firmly pre ...

    cooking games, cake games

  • Play delicious dessert delicious dessert
    delicious dessert

    Prepare a delicious dessert, you have to put up with all the kitchen utensils, after brewing to cook something delicious.

    desserts, cooking, preparing sweets

  • Play Rica sopa de verduras Rica sopa de verduras
    Rica sopa de verduras

    Learn to cook a rich soup of vegetables as you like, the ingredients of the soup will be a low level of the game to be able to fol ...

    Cooking games

  • Play Ice cream homemade Ice cream homemade
    Ice cream homemade

    Follow these steps to prepare a delicious ice cream. Have fun preparing a homemade ice cream, learn by playing.

    cooking ice cream

  • Play Make Chocolate Brownies Make Chocolate Brownies
    Make Chocolate Brownies

    Bake some yummy brownies in this fun cooking game for girls. Follow the in game instructions to add all of the ingredients to cook ...

  • Play Rich ice cream Rich ice cream
    Rich ice cream

    Nowadays it is very hot, makes us that packed a lot of fruit, ice cream fall! Make your own fruit ice cream. Your rank!

    Cooking games, decorating games

  • Play Cooking the pancakes Cooking the pancakes
    Cooking the pancakes

    Today we will pretend to cook delicious pankekes special attention to your cook too.

    games pastries, cake games, pancakes games

  • Play Moussaka recipe delicious Moussaka recipe delicious
    Moussaka recipe delicious

    We will prepare a delicious dish called moussaka, first get the ingredients for the kitchen, then prepares the delicious recipe.

    cooking games

  • Play decorate the donut decorate the donut
    decorate the donut

    Today you have to be a cook, you have to decorate a donut with all the candy, decorate the donuts for you to enjoy with your frien ...

    decorate dishes, cooking, candy, cake, cakes

  • Play Delicious dessert party Delicious dessert party
    Delicious dessert party

    Join us to prepare a delicious dessert for a party, you must follow the instructions of Lucy, the professional chef, follow all th ...

    cooking desserts

  • Play prepare delicious cakes prepare delicious cakes
    prepare delicious cakes

    prepare delicious cakes to be able to deliver orders, or to eat with your family.

    Games cake, preparing food games, cooking games sweet

  • Play chocolate cream chocolate cream
    chocolate cream

    Lacy will teach us to prepare a delicious dessert. You have to pay attention and follow all instructions. Cooking this delicious c ...

    chocolate, cream, chocolate ice cream

  • Play Italian food: prepare delicious pizza Italian food: prepare delicious pizza
    Italian food: prepare delicious pizza

    Today you have to prepare a delicious pizza that you can share with your family, using all the ingredients to come out delicious p ...

    cooking pizza

  • Play China Kitchen China Kitchen
    China Kitchen

    You are in a Chinese restaurant food restaurant China, pay attention for a delicious Chinese dish.

    cooking games, food china

  • Play Prepare an Italian Pizza Prepare an Italian Pizza
    Prepare an Italian Pizza

    You are in the kitchen and cooking with this game learn to prepare a delicious pizza, please follow the instructions to get you ou ...

    prepare pizza games, didi games

  • Play New York Pizza American New York Pizza American
    New York Pizza American

    We will prepare a delicious American pizza joints, you must follow my instructions to leave us delicious pizza.

    pizzas, new york, cooking, American

  • Play Recipes: Prawns with garlic Recipes: Prawns with garlic
    Recipes: Prawns with garlic

    We will prepare a delicious dish called prawns with garlic. He chef will teach how to prepare this delicious dish, follow the inst ...

    cooking games

  • Play French recipe: Potatoes Lyonnaise French recipe: Potatoes Lyonnaise
    French recipe: Potatoes Lyonnaise

    We will prepare a delicious French dish, you have to peel the potatoes, then follows the recipe so you get the dish delicious.

    cooking games

  • Play Nancy's pizza restaurant Nancy's pizza restaurant
    Nancy's pizza restaurant

    Nancy will open a pizza restaurant, so it has to first learn to cook pizzas, accompanied Nancy to cook the pizzas in Italy.

    cooking pizzas

  • Play Donuts cooking Donuts cooking
    Donuts cooking

    Cooking donuts is more easier now than ever. Just play this game and learn how you can cook delicious donuts for you and your fami ...

  • Play Sunroot Soup Cooking Sunroot Soup Cooking
    Sunroot Soup Cooking

    Cook this yummy soup by following the recipe given in this cooking game. The main ingredient is Sunroot or Jerusalem artichokes wh ...

  • Play Croquembouche Cooking Croquembouche Cooking
    Croquembouche Cooking

    Love French dessert? How about a yummy croquembouche? Play fun cooking games for girls and check out more girls games!

  • Play black fish 10 (Swap the Crab) black fish 10 (Swap the Crab)
    black fish 10 (Swap the Crab)

    Swap adjacent ocean creatures to align sets of 3 or more. Combos and cascades award extra points. To beat the level, clear all oce ...

  • Play Cook quickly Lasagna Cook quickly Lasagna
    Cook quickly Lasagna

    Have fun in the kitchen, preparing a lasagna rich quickly, follow all the steps to prepare a rich lasagna.

    lasagna cooking games, cooking games

  • Play Quick Burger Quick Burger
    Quick Burger

    Prove your cooking skills by making burgers in short duration.

  • Play Homemade Pizza Cooking Homemade Pizza Cooking
    Homemade Pizza Cooking

    Help Melissa prepare a homeade pizza for her man Matt!

  • Play Royal Hot Dog Royal Hot Dog
    Royal Hot Dog

    Cooking a hotdog is a very interesting and nice thing. Now we have a new recipe for you and can make a delicious hotdog in a few m ...

  • Play Making Berry Parfaits Making Berry Parfaits
    Making Berry Parfaits

    Make a delicious Berry Parfait in this fun cooking games for girls and boys. First chop up all of the fruit you will need and then ...

  • Play Tiramisu Cooking Tiramisu Cooking
    Tiramisu Cooking

    To cook a Tiramisu sometimes is really hard but now we prepared a special recipe only for you. You will find out how easy is to ma ...

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