• Play Peppa Pig Dolls House Peppa Pig Dolls House
    Peppa Pig Dolls House

    Peppa Pig the pig wants to decorate their home of princesses. Decorate each room, put the characters Peppa Pig in every room of th ...

    Peppa Pig games, Pepa pig, decorate the Peppa Pig House, Peppa Pig & George

  • Play Barbie Doll House Barbie Doll House
    Barbie Doll House

    Barbie has moved to its new home, everything is stacked, you have to put everything in its place, decorate your room with all the ...

    barbie, decorate rooms, dollhouse

  • Play Decorate Barbie's kitchen Decorate Barbie's kitchen
    Decorate Barbie's kitchen

    I like to decorate and embellish the house? It's great! Now it's your turn to decorate Barbie's kitchen, put all the furniture ...

    Barbie cook

  • Play Decorate Barbie House Decorate Barbie House
    Decorate Barbie House

    Barbie wants to brand new cottage in the countryside, needs your help to decorate your small house, use your creativity and play t ...

    Barbie would be, barbie House, Dollhouse games, Fashionista

  • Play Decorating the house Decorating the house
    Decorating the house

    I like to decorate rooms? sure. First decorate the room, then kitchen and your bedroom, choose furniture that you used and put dol ...

    decorate games

  • Play Decorate Barbie car Decorate Barbie car
    Decorate Barbie car

    Like stroll car? Sure, now we are going to decorate the Barbie car, choose a feminine color, add stickers, and accessories for her ...

    car decorating games

  • Play Home decor Home decor
    Home decor

    If you had a House, like look beautiful, today you can decorate a house in the way that you want. Try it!

    Decor games, fun games

  • Play Bakery: Cake decorating Bakery: Cake decorating
    Bakery: Cake decorating

    Jessica loves to prepare cakes, now it is time to decorate cakes, you have to use different creams from many flavors to make a del ...

    decorate cakes

  • Play Decorate school box Decorate school box
    Decorate school box

    We are going to decorate the box of the girl in your school, you have to put everything so she can have all the accessories so it ...

    school games

  • Play decorate the donut decorate the donut
    decorate the donut

    Today you have to be a cook, you have to decorate a donut with all the candy, decorate the donuts for you to enjoy with your frien ...

    decorate dishes, cooking, candy, cake, cakes

  • Play decorate bakery decorate bakery
    decorate bakery

    Suzzy going to help decorate your baking, you have to choose different types of pastries, cakes, breads and other delicious desser ...

    decorate store games

  • Play Full Manicure Stylin Stuff Full Manicure Stylin Stuff
    Full Manicure Stylin Stuff

    Very complete game with all the things that girls use to decorate our beautiful hands, you can use many bracelets, rings and nail ...

    manicure games, nail decorating games, decorate hands games

  • Play decorate the bathroom decorate the bathroom
    decorate the bathroom

    Now you have to decorate the bathroom, put in their respective place the shower, tub, and all toiletries.

    decorate bathroom, bathtub, toilet decorating

  • Play funny ice cream funny ice cream
    funny ice cream

    We will decorate a delicious ice cream, you have to use to the flavors you love. Have fun with this game to decorate a fruit sunda ...

    decorate ice cream, ice cream

  • Play Decorate Princess room Decorate Princess room
    Decorate Princess room

    We will decorate the room of the princess, you have to put the furniture in their respective place. Also choose the best styles of ...

    decorate rooms games

  • Play decorate pizzas decorate pizzas
    decorate pizzas

    We are in an Italian pizza restaurant, you have to decorate this delicious pizza, all ingredients used to make it look delicious.

    decorate dishes, pizzas, food

  • Play Coloring landscape and country house Coloring landscape and country house
    Coloring landscape and country house

    We are going to paint a beautiful natural landscape, in the background there is a beautiful country house. Choose the colors more ...

    coloring games

  • Play Decorate Zoo Decorate Zoo
    Decorate Zoo

    In the zoo there are many animals, you have to organize them, put them in their places.

    decorate games, wild animals

  • Play Decorate your perfect kitchen Decorate your perfect kitchen
    Decorate your perfect kitchen

    We will decorate your kitchen, choose the best furniture for your kitchen is looking great, do not forget to put your room.

    kitchen decorating games

  • Play super decorate room super decorate room
    super decorate room

    Lulu has to decorate her new room, choose furniture that you have, the vases will use.

    furniture, decorating rooms

  • Play Cake Love Cake Love
    Cake Love

    Let's decorate this heart-shaped cake, you have to put the cakes, then choose the creams for decorating.

    pastries games, cakes games

  • Play Arabian dancer decorate Arabian dancer decorate
    Arabian dancer decorate

    this cute girl is a dancer Arabic expert, like a bowel movement in a spectacular way, you have to decorate the dance floor.

    dancers, dance, belly dance, arabe

  • Play Funny Bathroom Decor Funny Bathroom Decor
    Funny Bathroom Decor

    We will decorate our bathroom, choose the model of the mirror, bathtub, mirror, lamp and color of the walls. Decorate the room wit ...

    room decoration games

  • Play New Years Cake Decoration New Years Cake Decoration
    New Years Cake Decoration

    Decorate this cake for the new years party. Choose which type of icing and then add a large variety of decorations including candl ...

    cakes games, decorate cakes

  • Play Teen room decorating Teen room decorating
    Teen room decorating

    She is a super girl fashion, wants to have his room style teen, help her decorate her room to impress your friends.

    room decorate games

  • Play Complete Breakfast: Nutritious breakfast Complete Breakfast: Nutritious breakfast
    Complete Breakfast: Nutritious breakfast

    We will prepare a delicious nutritious breakfast, you know that breakfast is the food more important of the day. Decorate the plat ...

    decorate dishes

  • Play Children in the pool Children in the pool
    Children in the pool

    Today there will be a big party in the pool, there are many recreational games for children, decorate the place that children spen ...

    decorate games

  • Play Decorate kitchen and dining Decorate kitchen and dining
    Decorate kitchen and dining

    We decorate the kitchen and dining room, choose furniture that I will make you change the size of all the furniture.

    room decorating games

  • Play decorate goldfish bowl decorate goldfish bowl
    decorate goldfish bowl

    Mary's mother has bought her daughter a goldfish bowl, you have to decorate the aquarium for goldfish happy.

    goldfish, aquarium decorating

  • Play Prince and Princess Castle Prince and Princess Castle
    Prince and Princess Castle

    We will decorate a beautiful scene, put the trees, flowers, choose also a good place for the castle. Decorate this beautiful scene ...

    princesses games, prince games

  • Play BABY ALIVE Design a Nursery: Decorating room for baby BABY ALIVE Design a Nursery: Decorating room for baby
    BABY ALIVE Design a Nursery: Decorating room for baby

    This cute baby wants to have your room very nice, you are commissioned to decorate the room, must be very cute so don't cry baby.

    Baby Alive games, BABY ALIVE Design a Nursery

  • Play hula hula hula hula
    hula hula

    These dancers are dancing at a party, you gotta build your way to arrive at the house where the dog and will spend level, below ar ...

    dance, dance games, dancing

  • Play Lady housewife dress up Lady housewife dress up
    Lady housewife dress up

    She is a lady a little fat, let's dress him to perform their household chores in the house, you can choose the colors of the unif ...

    ladies dress up, housewives dress up

  • Play Your're the best pastry Your're the best pastry
    Your're the best pastry

    Here you can be the best custard to demonstrate your talent and preparing delicious cakes and decorate with beautiful ornaments.

    Cooking games

  • Play Sweet Fruity House Sweet Fruity House
    Sweet Fruity House

    Welcome to the Fruit Manor! Everything here is related to yummy fruits! You could choose your favorite fruity house and decorate y ...

  • Play Super Snowman Super Snowman
    Super Snowman

    Now it is winter and snowing, it's very fun build snowmen, you have to decorate these dolls, ornaments.

    Snowmen games

  • Play Mina's Beach House Mina's Beach House
    Mina's Beach House

    Mina will spend her summer holiday on her beach house. Please decorate the living room, bedroom, swimming pool and front yard and ...

  • Play Together forever Together forever
    Together forever

    This cute couple is very romantic, you have to dress to go around the city, also decorate your room.

    love games, wedding dress up

  • Play Home Decorate Game Home Decorate Game
    Home Decorate Game

    House Decorate Game, Home Decor Games, House Decoration

  • Play Asian Room Decorating Asian Room Decorating
    Asian Room Decorating

    We will decorate the room of a teenager Asia. Put pictures of your favorite singers on the wall, all other things put in its place ...

    order houses

  • Play toy store toy store
    toy store

    The girl left all the toys in the yard, you have to put everything into place, do it quickly before the arrival of his father and ...

    toys, toy store, decorate

  • Play MOM I have to fever MOM I have to fever
    MOM I have to fever

    The little girl has a fever, is very night and the doctor will not be able to come, so is that his mother has to respond, decorate ...

    mother and daughter games

  • Play Camila decorates your room Camila decorates your room
    Camila decorates your room

    Camila loves to decorate her room very nice and so has the following accessories to make her feel comfortable.

    Decor games

  • Play A rich dessert A rich dessert
    A rich dessert

    Carmen will teach how to decorate to your taste and delicious dessert it is easy with chocolate, Strawberry like you so want to ju ...

    Cooking games, decoration games

  • Play decorate delicious waffle decorate delicious waffle
    decorate delicious waffle

    I like to eat the waffle? On this occasion we will make decorating this dish, you have to be creative so your waffle is firmly pre ...

    cooking games, cake games

  • Play decorated room boast the window decorated room boast the window
    decorated room boast the window

    Let's decorate a room of a girl, you have to put all the furniture in their respective places, also put a few ornaments for peopl ...

    Room decorating games

  • Play chicken and egg chicken and egg
    chicken and egg

    Let's dress this chick has just hatched, so it can choose your mood, decorate your egg also the colors and designs you choose.

    chicks games, dress up animal games

  • Play Mary decorating store Mary decorating store
    Mary decorating store

    Mary opened a cake shop, pallets and gifts. She has to choose the model of racks and other accessories that you will have the stor ...

    decorate games, sell things games

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